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DJ Mitsu the Beats
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404 FFF
posted 19-08-2014
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FaltyDL – In The Wild

Stream the new FaltyDL album “In The Wild” in full before it hits record shops around the world on Monday.…
posted 05-08-2014
posted 05-08-2014
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Stacking Blocks Made Of Real Life Happenings

New Zealander Christoph El' Truento released a new EP the other week that cries to get some new listeners. A full stre…
posted 03-08-2014
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Weekend Mixtapes #47

Our latest edition of Weekend Mixtapes features DJ mixes from FaltyDL, Logos, Kyle Hall, Damiano von Erckert and othe…
posted 16-07-2014
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Anthony Naples – Zipacón

There's another new release on The Trilogy Tapes we would like to share with you today, Anthony Naples new EP coming o…