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Weekend Mixtapes #47

Our latest edition of Weekend Mixtapes features DJ mixes from FaltyDL, Logos, Kyle Hall, Damiano von Erckert and othe…
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Anthony Naples – Zipacón

There's another new release on The Trilogy Tapes we would like to share with you today, Anthony Naples new EP coming o…
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AD Bourke – Equal Turns

Following his first release on the newly founded Five Fold Records, Italian producer AD Bourke returns with a new EP…
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posted 03-07-2014
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A couple of mixes

I'm not gonna let you wait for the weekend to come, for I got a couple of mixtapes you need to know about today!…
posted 01-07-2014
Mike Davis – Baniza EP

While we're at catching up on a couple of older releases, don't let us leave this little gem by Berlin-based Mike Davi…
posted 01-07-2014
Quiltland – Quiltland

I've briefly mentioned the self-titled Quiltland album a couple of days ago, but this is record is so good it deserves…
posted 01-07-2014
Biblo – Rebound

Back in April, Turkish label Tektosag released new music from Biblo as a free download.…
posted 27-06-2014
posted 27-06-2014
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B-Ju – Merianplatz

Hamburg-based B-Ju released a new record earlier this month, and here's your chance to listen to it in full!…
posted 25-06-2014
Panoram – Everyone Is A Door

My favourite album this week comes from Panoram, who released his debut on Edinburgh's finest Firecracker Records.…
posted 23-06-2014
K15 – Bordeaux

London's K15 has a new record out WotNot Music, supported by remixes from Kaidi Tatham and the duo of Glenn Astro & IM…
posted 16-06-2014
Lawrence Le Doux – Terrestre

Belgian label Vlek releases yet another gem with a new record by fellow countryman Lawrence Le Doux.…