Want to work on a cool music app? is hiring!

About us is an online music discovery service. We are a 2 years old start-up, still growing. Our crawlers go through thousands of music blogs and magazines to gather the newest music from around the web. We collect the most popular and recent tracks into one source: Everybody can use from the web, iPhone, iPad and soon Spotify and Android!

At Shuffler we try to hire full-stack developers as much as possible. Ideally all developers at Shuffler can help the others when needed, you don’t work on your own little island, but try to be open for new things. We do encourage you to learn new technologies and to be involved in them, for example by attending Music Hack-days or contributing to open source projects.

We currently have the following openings at the Amsterdam office:

Lead backend developer

Behind Shuffler’s data is a crawling and scraping system called Feedeater. It watches blogs and other sites that are indexed on Shuffler for new music. Found songs are analyzed (internally on our servers and externally via APIs) and added to Shuffler’s playlists and propagated to user’s playlists. Your main task & responsibility will be to improve this and related systems.

The API v1 and v2 are also written in python. The v3 is on Rails and it's in active development. Apps like the Spotify, Deezer and Sonos use it. Your job will be also code on the api.

There is too much music on the web. Shuffler works with bloggers to do the filtering of this overwelming content. But on top of it we are building a recommendation layer. You will like to work with this!


  • Fluent in English
  • Know Python and or Ruby and preferably more programming languages well
  • Know MySQL
  • Be nice

  • Plusses:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • NodeJS
  • PhantomJS
  • Github
  • Beanstalk
  • Linux CLI
  • Knowledge of systems administration
  • Queueing systems
  • Recommendation Systems

  • Front-end developer

    You’ll be responsible for implementing new features and maintaining client-side applications related to, that includes the web app itself and other apps which are based on the API, you’ll be working towards building an amazing product and writting code thats usuable both on mobile and desktop, understandable for other developers and performant, Your opinion will also be valuable so some knowledge of UI and UX design are welcome.


  • Fluent English speaker
  • Knows javascript (experience with Coffeescript is a big plus)
  • Fluent in CSS and able to write structured and well documented stylesheets
  • Fluent in HTML
  • Knows or is willing to learn Backbone.js
  • Experience with responsive and mobile first design

  • Plusses:

  • UI/UX design knowledge
  • Knows what GIT/Github is and how to use it
  • experience building client side applications
  • experience with Ruby and Rails and/or Ruby
  • General understanding of SEO strategies and the Google Analytics API
  • Talented at spotting quality animated gifs around the web

  • Part-time (student) developer

    We are looking for talented and passionate, not per se experienced, part-time developers. This position would be perfect for a student looking for an interesting job on the side.

    You will get the opportunity to work on your own projects in Shuffler as well as working together with the rest of the team on other projects. You will learn. At Shuffler we combine many new technologies and (programming) languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, NodeJS, PhantomJS, Beanstalk, crawlers, scrapers, Agile development and whatnot.


  • Fluent in English
  • Knows at least one or more programming languages
  • Knows or wants to learn Ruby on Rails and Python
  • Work about two days per week, we're flexible
  • Be nice

  • Other positions

    Currently we do not have any other specified vacancies. However, if you think you can be of great value to Shuffler and would like to work with us, please do get in touch.


    Please, get in touch if think you fit the profile (or not). We’d be glad to have a coffee & chat with you!

    Skype: marcel.corso