We love developers but we also love other people

Everyday bloggers spend a lot of time digging through the vast world wide web looking for the latest and greatest in new music. They go to concerts, buy music and spend a lot of time writing about it. Their hard work produces great posts that expose you to new music.

The cost of music and other intelectual property is a very debatable subject nowadays. But, like in other situations in life when we don't know how to act, we try to be nice.

The way to be nice to bloggers is to link back.

So by asking for an API-KEY you agree to this. To link to the source.

You can do it in two ways: By linking to the shareble link or to the track that starts playing the song and also opens the original post.

We love innovation. You should too.

Although we stand in the shoulders of giants was born of innovation and is always innovating. We expect no less from your use of our API. Repetition is something for computers. We humans should thrive to go where no man has gone before.

So duplicating's features is not ok. Copying our design is also not ok.