Engage with the right audience of tastemakers.

At Shuffler we believe in brands which match with our service and unique audience of music, and online tastemakers.  Therefore all of our advertisements are branded content opportunities instead of click-through campaigns or CPM based banners.

For music sites/blogs publishers & music companies /labels

Get discovered with shuffler advertising. Get a prominent spot in our player.

  • More Traffic
  • Shuffler advertising exposes your site or music many more users
  • Bringing highly targeted users directly to your site
  • No click-through required

* note: we will always check the quality of the music sites we will not spam our users/listeners. We can only take limited number of clients at a time to ensure quality.

Wallpaper ad

Flat rate ad campaigns which changes the background of our homepage.  contact us at for ratecards.

Floating banner (when shuffling tracks)

Flat rate campaigns between shuffling. contact us at for a ratecard.

Sponsored (branded) channel

contact us at for a ratecard.